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        Production Capacity

        Current Location: Home > Production
        The company possesses well-equipped workshop amounting 63000㎡ of which production workshop only is 48000㎡,In these facilities, which are fitted with advanced hardware and software,398 specialized staffs including designers, technicians and rich experienced company employees perform their duty. The company mainly produces all kinds of Life-saving equipments, Deck machinery, Lifeboat, Davit, Crane, Rescue boat for marine industry, The annual production output is more than 1200 boats with advanced technology.


        Contact Us

        • Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd
        • TEL.: +86-510-86585222 (International)
        • +86-510-86596235 (International)
        • +86-510-86581273 (China)
        • +86-510-86591980 (After-sale service)
        • +86-510-86581115 (After-sale service)